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What we did

The first step was to restructure the marketing, admin management and communication within the business, this was then followed by updates to the brand’s marketing collateral. Due to the number of specialist services that Cater-Clean Solutions provide, we decided to split the company into 3 sections, catering & food production, medical & emergency and construction cleaning. This meant we were required to create a sub-brand for each company along with its own website.

Company focus restructure

Company brand progression

The Results

Our redesign helped CSS to define a strong corporate image across the group. This was critical in helping to target high profile, established clients nationwide. The next phase was to run specific ad campaigns whilst continuing to manage the marketing activity. The work implemented by us brought exponential growth to the company with a increase in leads and sales pipeline through-out the UK.

£5 Avg Conversion


£20 Avg Conversion



+Dexus have done a phenomenal work with the launch of our CCS Group brand launch. They have played a pivotal role in the design, build and rollout of the new brand images aswell as offering comprehensive back office support and lead generation.

Drew Mcgilvray


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